Cradle Mountain

Tourists visit Tasmania for one main reason, to see spectacular Cradle Mountain. Listed as a heritage site in 1982 due to its natural, cultural and wilderness qualities, you will not be disappointed when you visit this unique spot in Tassie. Rising 1,545 metres above sea level, Cradle Mountain is situated within Lake St Clair National Park that covers 1260 square kilometres that is made up of gorges, lakes, peaks, moors and lush flora. In addition, there are 25 major peaks that surround Lake St Clair, Australia's deepest freshwater lake.

On our 10-day Tasmanian Wonders tour, we'll take you through the best of Tasmania, including Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain. With free time in the afternoon, you'll have an opportunity to explore the National Park further or Landscape Gallery. Alternatively, you may want to relax in beautiful natural surroundings back at your hotel Cradle Mountain Chateau for an incredible Tasmanian experience. Located at the northern boundary of Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park amongst alpine woodland, it is the perfect base to explore this magical area of Tasmania.

With only 60 beautifully appointed rooms, rest and rejuvenate here before you continue your Tasmania holiday. Enjoy the steam room, a beauty treatment or relaxing massage at the Calm Day Spa or visit the Wilderness Gallery, Australia's largest privately-owned photographic gallery dedicated to the display of wilderness photography. Step outside and hear the sounds of currawong and not far from the Chateau are boutique vineyards that grow the grapes that produce some of the best sparkling wines in Tasmania with the true Taste of Tasmania.

Wildlife in the Area

When exploring the beautiful wilderness, you’ll occasionally come across wombats, wallabies and numerous species of birds. There are also some rarer Australian animals like echidnas and quolls in the area too.

The area is inhabited by more than 200 types of birds. During the spring, many birds migrate into the region, and some birds create sizable nests that are situated near large gorges. Wild wombats also explore grassy fields that are found by trails.

Dove Lake

Situated near the mountains, Dove Lake has a size of more than 210 acres and is surrounded by vast forests and sizable trails. It’s a great vantage point to overlook the extremely picturesque views on all sides. Dove Lake is close to many picnic areas, and the area contains a sizable boathouse, several campsites, vast grasslands and many species of animals.

Cradle Mountain During the Winter

Throughout the winter months, snow can cover most sections of Cradle Mountain, and the area attracts skiers, snowboarders and experienced hikers. According to one estimate, more than 10,000 skiers visit Cradle Mountain annually. If you arrive during winter months you may discover frozen waterfalls, winding trails and unique caverns.

Interesting Facts About Cradle Mountain

Where is Cradle Mountain?

Cradle Mountain is situated in the northwestern section of Tasmania, and the area is especially close to the Granite Tor Conservation Area. Cradle Mountain is also located near the Dove River Forest Reserve.

How High Is Cradle Mountain?

According to geographical surveys, Cradle Mountain has a height of 1,545 meters above sea-level. Some experts believe that the peak was significantly higher when the mountain originally formed.

How Was Cradle Mountain Formed?

Cradle Mountain was created when a large continent began to break apart and several landmasses collided which gradually created the mountains in the area. When Cradle Mountain was forming, magma consistently seeped from many cracks in the ground. Therefore, the lava created igneous rock that slowly accumulated in the area.

How Old Is Cradle Mountain?

Cradle Mountain formed more than 170 million years ago, and various reports have indicated that nearby mountains also formed in the Mesozoic Era. During this time period, the magma gradually created dolerite, which is a type of rock that has improved the long-term durability of Cradle Mountain.

Why Is Cradle Mountain Important?

The area is a haven for many types of animals, and the region features unique flowers, beautiful rivers, unspoiled wilderness and many old trees. Recently, forest fires have affected numerous reservations in Tasmania; however, the forest fires have not reached Cradle Mountain.


If you’d like to discover more of Tasmania with a trip through Cradle Mountain, browse our list of tours below and book a tour today!


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Cradle Mountain



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Cradle Mountain


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